North Wales wedding photographer: Newborough 1930s photo shoot – Anglesey

Had lots of fun doing a 1930s style photo shoot on Sunday.

Thanks to my models Abi Low & Lyndon Marshall, and to Alex Plows and Tam Tomkins for wardrobe and styling.

Please find them at and

We started with this painting called the singing Butler by Jack Vettrianno, which we used as a reference image for the kind of look we wanted to go for:


We then took all our gear, costumes and props – including a bottle of wine – down to Newborough beach on Anglesey and made the most of the nice weather we’re having.

It was loads of fun, and here are the images…

North Wales wedding photographer - 1930s Newborough, Anglesey

North Wales wedding photographer - 1930s Newborough, Anglesey

North Wales wedding photographer - 1930s Newborough, Anglesey

North Wales wedding photographer - 1930s Newborough, Anglesey


Great gift idea – voucher for photo shoot

Golau Media photoshoot voucher, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales

I’ve started selling gift cards for photoshoots, which can either be on location or at Golau Media studios in Menai Bridge.

Photoshoots with me are lots of fun and so this a great gift idea for family, friends, or even yourself.

I’ve photographed babies, children, models, couples, celebrities, animals… everything really…get in touch if you want to see specific examples, make an appointment to see me at my studio, and for details on how to purchase.

The introductory price is just £50, and for this you get a 1 hour shoot, CD with photos, and 2 x 7×5″ prints of your choice.

Terms and conditions

Voucher must be redeemed with 6 months of stated date.

Date and time of photo shoot is dependent on my availability.

Maximum of two people per photo shoot. Please enquire if you want group photos.

Travel beyond a 30 mile radius of Bethesda and Menai Bridge costs extra.

Pre-wed photoshoot Buddug & Llion Conwy Falls, Betws y Coed

Here are some photos from my pre-wedding photo shoot with Buddug and Llion a the Conwy Falls cafe near Betws y Coed.

I seem to be developing a tendency for getting my couples to do difficult / awkward  things – in this case climbing through undergrowth and clambering on slippy rocks above a waterfall.

Luckily for me Buddug and Llion were very good humoured about it!

(Note to self – photo locations change with the seasons – duh!)

Tom Simone North Wales Wedding photographer videographer

Tom Simone North Wales Wedding photographer videographer

Tom Simone North Wales Wedding photographer videographer

Tom Simone North Wales Wedding photographer videographer

Pre-wedding scout of Royal Vic, Llanberis, Bangor Registry Office, & Anglesey Arms

North Wales Wedding Photography

On Saturday I’m filming Ceri and Lee’s wedding at the Royal Vic in Llanberis, so today I went to look round.

There is plenty of space in the room where the service will take place, and lots of light sources that mix fairly neutrally together.

There are even areas either side of where Ceri and Lee will be standing where cameras can go, so all good really.

The room where the Wedding Breakfast will take place is large and light, so also great for filming.

North Wales Wedding Photography

North Wales Wedding Photography

On Friday I’m photographing Kate and Gary’s wedding at Bangor registry office and the Anglesey Arms in Menai Bridge.

The registry office has windows with blinds so they should be nicely lit. There’s not a lot of room in there, so we’ll get some close ups using the portrait lens, and some wide shots with the wide angle(not with the fisheye I happened to have on my camera today!)

North Wales Wedding Photography

There is room on the lawn outside for group shots, and even a wall for elevation for the shot of everyone.

The Anglesey Arms has a refurb this year and is very nice.

The room where the Wedding Breakfast, speeches and dance takes places is large, but the top table is back-lit, so will have to use flash.

North Wales Wedding Photography

The bridal suit is large enough for some shots if the weather’s as poor as it was today, and there are some nice sofas etc in there.

The stairs are also an option for some shots of the bride.

If the weather’s good there are lots of options for photos of the couple down near the Menai Strait – will check that out tomorrow (it was bucketing it down today).

Excited for the weekend!

Karate portrait photos, Llanfairfechan, North Wales

I don’t just photograph and film weddings….

This photograph is one of a set from a portrait session at Pritchard’s karate club in Llanfairfechan, and you can see the rest on my Golau Media Facebook page.

As part of my wedding photo packages in 2012 I’m offering free pre-wedding shoots, and these can now be in my studio in Menai Bridge or on location.

Here is a list of some of the  pre-wedding  location shoots I’ve done.

Sam & Bev’s pre-wedding photography shoot, Conwy Falls, Betws-y-Coed

North Wales wedding photographer, Conwy Falls, Betws y Coed

These photos are from my pre-wedding shoot with close friends Sam and Bev at the Conwy Falls, near Betws-y-Coed.

I am also friends with the owners of the Conwy Falls Cafe/Restaurant, Oli and Bec, and as they have plans to make a rather stunning wedding venue of it, I was keen to scope it as a place to take photos.

This is the link to the Conwy Falls Cafe website where you can find more information about what’s there now, or you can contact me directly.

Sam and Bev were very relaxed in front of the camera, which wasn’t’ really a surprise as they both like showing off (haha).

I always offer pre-wedding shoots to my wedding clients because I found the rapport it creates always makes a huge difference on the wedding day, in terms of how relaxed everyone is and the quality of the photos.

Plus, couples love having an extra set of photos to keep – and I’ve been offering these shoots free for all bookings in 2012.

North Wales wedding photographer, Conwy Falls, Betws y Coed

With a set of photos it’s usually better to have a consistent style, in terms of colour etc, but I like to show some variation with my pre-wedding shoot photos so my clients can feedback to me the type of thing they like.

North Wales wedding photographer, Conwy Falls, Betws y Coed

North Wales wedding photographer, Conwy Falls, Betws y Coed

Sam and Bev think they look stupid / dorkish in photos. I suspect they actually like being dorks, because they insisted on the pose below.

North Wales wedding photographer, Conwy Falls, Betws y Coed

Here are some photos of Paul & Helen’s wedding at Carreg Mon, Anglesey. If you want the password to see all of them please email me.

North Wales Wedding Photographer Carreg Mon, Anglesey

North Wales Wedding Photographer Carreg Mon, Anglesey

 North Wales Wedding Photographer Carreg Mon, Anglesey

Pre-wedding photo scout at Carreg Mon, Anglesey

Carreg Mon Wedding Photography, Anglesey

Carreg Mon Wedding Photography, Anglesey

I had a look around Carreg Mon Hotel on Anglesey yesterday, in preparation for taking wedding photos at Paul and Helen’s wedding.

For the group shot of everyone I can either shoot downwards from the balcony, or simply get some elevation by walking up the hill slightly.

If it’s raining, there is room in the restaurant area for the group shot, although this would be a fair bit harder with regards lighting and avoiding background distractions.

For smaller groups shots, and shots of Paul and Helen, there is a lot of greenery in the hotel grounds that will be good for backgrounds.

The Hotel itself has a lot of stuff in it – furniture, pictures etc – so there aren’t that many clear backgrounds. I can get round this by using longer focal lengths and blurring backgrounds.

The service/reception room has white walls and ceiling, so colour casts from my flash aren’t a problem. However, there are big beams on the ceiling, so will have to place off camera flash so as these don’t get in the way.

There are some seating areas which are quite nicely lit from window light in the bar area.

I did walk down to the Menai Strait, but discounted it because of the mud and seaweed. If we’re struggling with weather etc there is a nice fall-off of light underneath the railway bridge. It doesn’t look like a great location, but I think it could work.

North Wales Menai Bridge Wedding/Portrait Photography Studio coming soon

Tom Simone North Wales Wedding Photographer in Burma

I’m coming to the end of a two week break in Burma and Thailand – heading back tonight in fact.

It’s been an amazing trip to a fascinating country – I’m going to write more about Buma/Myamar and put photos up at – but my head is already half back in work/home mode as I have so much going on when I get back.

First is seeing my two boys and pregnant wife, two weeks feels a lot longer than it sounds, looking forward to seeing them 🙂

Then I have a stag-do in London at the weekend, going to breaks poll, should be lot of fun and probably quite messy.

After that is Paul and Helen’s wedding at Carreg Mon Hotel on Anglesey on March 17. I think it should be a fun one as they are a really nice couple.

Also – watch this space – I’m setting up a studio in Menai Bridge which will hopefully good to go by late March as well.

I’m on the lookout for a desk, nice sofa, coffee table, and prob a whole bunch of other things as they come to mind…. please contact me if you can help.

I’m renting a large room at the War Memorial Community Centre, not the most flash location, but I think it will serve my needs well, especially once I’ve painted and refurnished.

It will act as an office space, making it easier for other people to come and work with me – eg hair/make up/editing/web dev/printing/sales – haha, I’m going to take over the world!

And there’s enough room for me to have lights and background left up, as well as room for some of the product and commercial photography I do. Can’t wait.

I haven’t drawn up sales packages yet of the different services I’ll be offering and how that will tie in with the wedding work I do, but details will be coming over the next month or so.

If anyone want to come and help me/join in in whatever capacity really – whether it be decorating, creative, or otherwise related to my businesses – then I’d like to hear from you.

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