Trampoline, fun to fights in five easy steps

I like Christmas, but I also quite like it when it’s done and dusted too.

With three kids there seems to be endless toys that get 5 minutes attention, then it’s back to Minecraft and Youtube.

However, one of the things that has proved to be a great buy is our trampoline, which is in constant use.

I thought I’d try taking some photos of the kids showing off their moves, but it turned into a cage fight pretty damn quick.

I had to put the camera down to separate them, but ended getting beaten up by the little angels instead.

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Flashgun speedlite lampshade mod featured on DIY Photographer!

north wales photographer

Edit: Pleased to say this ‘invention’ has been featured on!

This is not the kind of set-up  I’d use at a wedding – bit rough and ready for that – but my lampshade speedlite mod was ideal for photographing people at a halloween music event.

It couldn’t really be more simple, all I did was tape tin-foil on the inside of the lampshade and a bit of foil on top, and then attach it to my flash.

It acts as an excellent diffuser, and the key advantage it has over an umbrella is it’s much less likely to get blown over and break.

Here are some sample images:

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Holiday pics with canon 50mm 1.8

leo swing

Bit behind with keeping this blog up to date, having not long got back from two week holidays at Disneyland and Eurocamp in France.

We had a great time, despite the really long drive!

I took most of my holiday snaps with a canon 50mm 1.8 lens, which is really small and therefore easy to carry.

For anyone starting out in photography, I’d highly recommend it as it’s very cheap (£60-70) and because of the wide aperture it’s nice for blurring backgrounds.

If you’d like to see the rest of my holiday pics, find me on facebook.

North Wales Wedding photographer portrait shoot

Also, congratulations to Margaret and family who won our studio portrait photo shoot.

She brought her nine grandkids, so that was a fun day 🙂

Tom Simone – personal photography

This website is dedicated to the wedding photography and videography side of what I do, but I’ve recently spent a bit of time updating my personal website –

This year I’m attempting to do a 365 project, where I take and upload a photo every day. Yesterday it was my son Raffi who starred, think he and Jac will probably take top spot on quite a few days 🙂

My second son arrives safe and sound

My wife Caroline has spent the last two-and-a-half weeks in hospital.

The fact that her placenta was overlying her cervix meant she was at risk of hemorrhaging and so she had to be under close observation.

It’s obviously been pretty worrying for us all, but I’m happy to say that Raffi {Xandro}’ Simone has arrived safe and sound following caesarian section this afternoon.

The operation was much more involved than a regular c/s because the surgeon had to cut through the placenta, meaning Caroline lost a fair amount of blood.

However, she seems to be doing very well so far, despite being in quite a lot of pain when I left her.

At the last minute the doctors decided they could use a spinal epidural rather than an a general anesthetic, which meant I could be in theatre while the op was taking place.

It was very different to when Jac was born, and really quite surreal, but v happy that they’re both ok.

I got one of the midwives to take a photo of me holding Raffi very soon after he was born.

I tend to think the phrase ‘photographing memories’ sounds a bit cliche, but in this case it was exactly that, and we’d like to thank all the staff at the hospital for how good they’ve been.

Also, thank you to all our friends and family who have been texting and calling asking after the latest addition to the Simone family.

Raffi weighed 8lb12oz…

Raffi Simone being weighed at Ysbyty Gwynedd

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