Flashgun speedlite lampshade mod featured on DIY Photographer!

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Edit: Pleased to say this ‘invention’ has been featured on diyphotography.net!

This is not the kind of set-up  I’d use at a wedding – bit rough and ready for that – but my lampshade speedlite mod was ideal for photographing people at a halloween music event.

It couldn’t really be more simple, all I did was tape tin-foil on the inside of the lampshade and a bit of foil on top, and then attach it to my flash.

It acts as an excellent diffuser, and the key advantage it has over an umbrella is it’s much less likely to get blown over and break.

Here are some sample images:

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Any suggestions for 9wk photography course?

I’ve been asked to teach a nine week photography course, with the subject matter entirely up to me.

I have loads of ideas of what I want to teach, but I thought it might be interesting to see if anyone out there has any suggestions for things they would really like to see on a course.

The course will be broad in scope, with the aim that beginners can grasp the fundamentals and the more advanced will be able to learn some nifty tricks and techniques.

It starts in September in a coastal area of Anglesey – I won’t say exactly where yet until all the details are finalised – and it will be one evening a week for 3hrs.

The course won’t result in a qualification, but is intended to pack as much information in as possible.

I don’t intend to include much about wedding photography, unless there’s a strong interest in it.

Some ideas I’ve already had are:

Photographs of the sea and water as an introduction to shutter speed.

Beach portraiture to examine how aperture affects depth of field and sharpness.

HDR how to using local churches as examples.

Beach portraiture using flashguns/off camera flash as an introduction to lighting.

Maybe some elements of video…

What do you think ? What elements of photography would you like to learn about?