North Wales Menai Bridge Wedding/Portrait Photography Studio coming soon

Tom Simone North Wales Wedding Photographer in Burma

I’m coming to the end of a two week break in Burma and Thailand – heading back tonight in fact.

It’s been an amazing trip to a fascinating country – I’m going to write more about Buma/Myamar and put photos up at – but my head is already half back in work/home mode as I have so much going on when I get back.

First is seeing my two boys and pregnant wife, two weeks feels a lot longer than it sounds, looking forward to seeing them 🙂

Then I have a stag-do in London at the weekend, going to breaks poll, should be lot of fun and probably quite messy.

After that is Paul and Helen’s wedding at Carreg Mon Hotel on Anglesey on March 17. I think it should be a fun one as they are a really nice couple.

Also – watch this space – I’m setting up a studio in Menai Bridge which will hopefully good to go by late March as well.

I’m on the lookout for a desk, nice sofa, coffee table, and prob a whole bunch of other things as they come to mind…. please contact me if you can help.

I’m renting a large room at the War Memorial Community Centre, not the most flash location, but I think it will serve my needs well, especially once I’ve painted and refurnished.

It will act as an office space, making it easier for other people to come and work with me – eg hair/make up/editing/web dev/printing/sales – haha, I’m going to take over the world!

And there’s enough room for me to have lights and background left up, as well as room for some of the product and commercial photography I do. Can’t wait.

I haven’t drawn up sales packages yet of the different services I’ll be offering and how that will tie in with the wedding work I do, but details will be coming over the next month or so.

If anyone want to come and help me/join in in whatever capacity really – whether it be decorating, creative, or otherwise related to my businesses – then I’d like to hear from you.

Which photographs do we value the most?

I think the value of a photograph can only properly be measured after a significant passage of time.

A couple of weeks ago I had the emotionally difficult job of clearing my mum’s house out, following her death on October 3rd.

She did not have a lot of stuff compared with most people, but it was still helluva job sorting through it all, and in fact I’ve still got boxes of things lying around my house.

Mandy/mum died of cancer. She’d been diagnosed four years previously, but her health deteriorated quickly over the course of a couple of months, long enough to talk about life, the universe, and everything, and to say our goodbyes.

Predictably, this involved looking through a couple of the old family albums and reminiscing on times gone past.

It struck me that there were a handful of photos that really stood out, ones that brought back not only the memories of when the photo was taken, but also of all the stories that had been told and repeated over the years relating to the photo.

A lot of the photos that mean the most are actually of me, because these are the ones that mum treasured the most, and would most often talk about.

For example, this one was taken in a pub in London when I was four years old by a family friend, known as ‘Nina in London’.

I don’t remember the time at which it was taken, but it does bring back a lot of memories of mum talking about how much she loved it, and, I guess, by proxy, how much she loved me.

This was also taken by Nina, from her window as she watched mum arrive by bike, with me on the back, I think.

This is one that I stumbled upon, not sure where we’re off to, but perhaps visiting relatives on the other side of London. The baby is my brother Liam.

This was given to my mum as a birthday card for her 33rd birthday and is of me and Gethi, somewhere around Bangor I think, can’t quite figure it out. This was one of mum’s favourite photos.

And so was this one, of my brother and me in our Ysgol Llanllechid school photo, not long before they introduced school uniform.

This one was the first time I beat mum at tennis, at the courts in Caernarfon, which have since been turned into a skate park.

These photos have personal significance for me, and I think everyone probably has their own handful of photographs that stand out from the hundreds taken over the years.

I would like to think my experience of which photographs have lasting appeal to me is useful with regards how I approach photographing weddings.

Yes, there is a place for posed shots and group shots, but what I really want to capture is the emotion and experience of the day, and this usually requires a candid/documentary style.

Comments appreciated.

Busy bee wedding photographer and man who bleeds blue blood

Pretty full on the moment,,,, which is all good.

Congratulations to Emma and Trevor, whose wedding I filmed at Bron Eifion, near Porthmadog two weeks ago.I’ve just finished editing that.

They’re a lovely couple from large Welsh farming families, everyone had a great time as you can imagine.

Last week I photographed Carrie and Rich’s wedding at Portmeirion, which was quite stunning, and they both looked great. Haven’t quite finished editing the pics yet tho’, will post them up in a couple of days.

Also had some other work come in, including filming the gun dog show at the Anglesey show at Mona showground on August 8th, looking forward to that.

Tomorrow I’m photographing Laura and Andrew’s wedding at St Bridget’s Church, Dyserth and Deganwy Quay Hotel. V excited about that, not been to a wedding there before.

And tonight, in an hour or so in fact, I’m filming a man who bleeds blue blood at Oriel Mostyn.  –

Sounds random, but nice to mix it up 🙂

…swinging back into wedding season

Met up with two really nice couples at the weekend, who had some great ideas for wedding photography and wedding film respectively.

And this weekend I’m meeting up with Andrew & Laura for a pre-wedding shoot at the Great Orme – can’t wait!

Sometimes people ask me if I do photography / video full time… I do, but not always weddings. In fact, today I’ve mostly been photographing Thomas Telford’s chair.

And lots of other furniture at the museum in Bangor.

It’s a very different skill to wedding photography, but I find doing different things helps contribute to me becoming better generally photographically. Shame I can’t write proper sentences anymore though.

North Wales Weddings – meeting couples

Me, Caz and Jac went to see my mum in Crete over Easter and our one week holiday turned into two because of the Icelandic Volcano.

It was great having an extra week in the sunshine, chilling on the beach, going for walks through olive groves, and looking at ants (…I like ants, little odd, I know).

However, I’m now having to work that bit harder to make up for the extra week I spent lazing round.

One of my favourite things about being a wedding photographer is meeting couples for the first time, and I’ve now met three couples in four days.

I met Alun and Ffion, the awesome couple who won my competition, on Thursday. I went round to their house and made a bit of a tit of myself trying to take a photo of all three of us using the timer on my camera – it totally didn’t work.

Nevermind, I got a nice photo of them together which hopefully will go in the paper next week and get me bit more bang for my ad bucks.

Yesterday, I went to Flint to meet Nicky and Chris and their dogs Teo and Jake (did I spell them right?). They’re an ace couple and have got some cool ideas for their wedding day, including getting married at Llechwedd Slate Caverns… I didn’t even know you could do that!

And today I met the lovely Vicky and Ross, who my friend Bev put me in touch with (thanks Bev!). They were the first couple who came to visit me, rather than the other way round, and I was listening to Bruce Springsteen (again!) which was a little embarrassing.

Anyway, it was nice to meet you all!

Since coming back from Crete I’ve also arranged to do some video tuition, run a photography course, started organising a mad-hatter tea party / photo shoot, filmed at Venue Cymru, etc etc

So apologies if you’re waiting for me to get in touch and I haven’t done so yet!

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