New Lencarta ElitePro Twin Head Softbox Kit and light tent – is it any good?

In my previous post I said I got some work doing product photography for Menter Mon, who give help and advice to small businesses on Anglesey and other parts of North Wales.

I realised I was slightly under equipped for product photography since most of what I’ve done so far is media related or, of course, weddings.

My first purchase was a 120cm light cube (or light tent, not sure what the correct term is).

This is fairly essential for creating even lighting on products that have reflective surfaces, but I’ve only used one a couple of time so it will be fun to have a play around with.

My second purchase was some studio lighting, which required a bit more research.

I went for the very cheap (relatively) Lencarta ElitePro Twin Head Softbox Kit, which is less than half the price of the more established Bowens and Elinchrom brands.

I spent a bit of time reading reviews and forum entries and, as ever with such things, there is a lot of conflicting information – some people saying all brands except for the main ones are crap and others saying the opposite.

In the end it was Lencarta’s website which convinced me to give them a spin, especially the lighting boffins they have discussing their products in their video.

Anyway, I’ll try them out and do a mini-review for other people wondering about which studio lighting to get as a first purchase.

Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, for my wedding photography I use speedlites (Canon’s flashes) which are great, but I haven’t got enough of them for the kind of product photography I’ve been employed to do.

Commercial photography

I’ve taken on quite a lot of non-wedding photography work in the last week or so, thanks to my father-in-law and a friend who works in a museum.

The first lot of work is a fairly large project for Menter Môn, who give business advice and support to small to medium sized companies, with money from the Welsh Assembly.

It was my wife’s dad who put me onto this one, which was nice.

The second lot of work is for the Manchester Museum and the Imperial War Museum, which I got through my old school friend Kate Clancy.

I know this post doesn’t have much to do with weddings, but I wanted something to write about to test my new WordPress (the blogging software) plugin.

It’s called Socialite and allows me to publish my blog posts to Facebook and Twitter…

….let’s see if it works.

A new year of North Wales weddings :-)

It’s been a busy start to the new year.

My Heglu exhibition is currently showing at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead and that took a lot of work to get together.

I’ve spent a bit of time trying to get this site a bit higher in the google search rankings – I was bottom of page 17 (out of about 50) last time I checked.

So to improve my SEO (search engine optimisation) I’m now listed with Yell, I have a YouTube channel, a Flickr account, I’m on google maps, I have a Linked In profile, and of course I’m on Facebook.

Still haven’t got my head round Twitter though.

It’s bloody hard work trying to get to the top of mount Google!

I’m still getting loads of work though – some people are even managing to find me through google, which is a bit baffling.

There seems to be a fair amount of random bits and bobs coming my way too – I’ve got a meeting tomorrow with Mentor Mon to try and win a contract to do some of their commercial stuff, Tyddyn Mon, the day care centre for adults with learning difficulties, have asked me to design a leaflet (?!), I filmed a pantomime in Llanrwst, and I’m doing a bit of PR and video work for a hotel and restaurant.

Once I’ve got advertising for my wedding photography business sorted I’ll also be setting up Golau Media, my video production company, so it’s pretty flat out really.

And of course I haven’t been immune to the snow we’ve had, although the novelty of photographing it has worn a little thin now. (You can see some pics at

Now, not sure I’m going to win any business with this rambling post, but before I go I must try and use some key words for Google to pick up on:

Tom Simone is a wedding photographer film maker videographer from Bethesda, North Wales, near Bangor, which is also in Gwynedd, next to Anglesey and Conwy, but a little further from Flintshire and Denbighshire etc etc …. K, bored of this now….

….btw, I’m much better at photography and camera work than I am at blogging… honest!


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