Winter wedding tips and special offer


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Christmas tree and log fire at Penmaenuchaf Hall, near Dolgellau

I love a good winter wedding – it’s a magical time of year, especially as it gets closer to Christmas and venues are lit up with fairy lights, Christmas trees and log fires.

Also, far fewer couples get married in winter, which means things can sometimes be cheaper and venues and vendors are more likely to be available.

Christmas mountain bike light painting at Penmaenuchaf Hall, Dolgellau


It’s no wonder that winter weddings are becoming more and more popular!

Winter does have its disadvantages though.

It’s more likely to be cold, windy and rainy, and you’re definitely going to have fewer hours of daylight.

But if you have a warm and cosy venue, being battened down inside might be rather romantic.

In front of the Christmas tree at Seiont Manor

The other thing to consider is that bad weather and darkness make photography more challenging.

On a sunny summer day, your guests will likely get some nice shots. There’s plenty of light and cameras will give good results in automatic mode.

Typically, when it’s darker, cameras in automatic mode will slow the shutter speed down to the point where pictures are blurry.

Using off camera flash at winter wedding at Y Galeri, Caernarfon


This is why I use off-camera flash much more often in winter: gel-warmed and softened light looks beautiful.

It is also harder for a camera to focus when it’s dark – another thing that can cause blurry photos.

Christmas wedding group shots at Penmaenuchaf Hall


A trick I sometimes use is to focus on a light source, such as a mobile phone, although in this set up picture I forgot to ask the groom to put his phone away!

We did a whole series of group shots in almost complete darkness.

tom simone north wales wedding photographer 2

Night time can offer it’s own photographic opportunities, and a technique I sometime use is light-painting.

This involves using a long shutter speed, 30 seconds for example, and then drawing with something like a torch or sparklers while the pictures is being taken.

I also like the bokeh – the out of focus points of light – you get from things like Christmas trees.


If you are thinking about getting married in winter then I’d love to hear from you.


North Wales wedding photography & videography competition update

I’ve dipped my toe into paid for advertising this week.

I decided to go with the North Wales Chronicle to publicise my competition to win wedding photos and film for free (see the post above).

Although I’ve been plugging the competition on Facebook and Twitter for the last couple of weeks the people who have approached me about doing their wedding photos haven’t known anything about it. Not sure what’s going on there.

Here’s the ad which will be appearing in the North Wales Chronicle:

I thought the designers did quite a nice job on it to be fair.

The reason I went for the Chronicle is (1) I want to establish myself locally and a local paper gives me good coverage, (2) I got my first job as a reporter on the Chronicle’s sister paper the Pioneer (which is based in Colwyn Bay).

I also took out a smaller ad in their Wedding Guide 2010 magazine, which is aimed at wedding related businesses in North Wales.

Now it’s a case of waiting to see how effective it is.

Another first for me will be to exhibit at one of the wedding fairs/fayres in North Wales. I’m planning on attending the wedding fayre at Bodidris Hall in Llandudno on Sunday (Feb 21, 12-5pm) and am considering having a stand at the one at Seiont Manor on March 7.

The only thing is I’ve so much commercial work (museums, laptop cases, Tyddyn Mon, kitchens and bathrooms, pantomimes… basically an endless random list of various photographic jobs) that I’m not sure I’ll have enough time to put a stand together.

The other thing I’ve been busy with is sorting out my bookkeeping and accounts. It’s very confusing and a bit of a pain in the arse, but I figure if I get on top of it now, then things will be much easier next January.

Anywhos, that’s quite boring.

More excitingly, please remember to enter my competition to win wedding photos and a film by following the instructions in the post above – It is a great prize and could save you loads of money of your wedding!

Tx, Tom.

Great Prize: Get your wedding photos and film done for free!!

In my previous post I was going on about how best to market myself as a wedding photographer / film maker in North Wales.

Well, I’ve hit upon an idea that might work out quite nicely for you too!

I’ve decided to offer one lucky couple the chance to save more than £1,200 off the cost of their wedding by doing their photography and wedding film for free.

The prize will include:

Pre-wedding planning meetings to discuss what photos you want and get the best results on the day,
Pre-wedding location shoot,
Wedding photography from getting ready to the first dance and everything in between,
All day filming,
Professional editing of photos of film,
Two photo albums – one big one and one for the handbag
A beautifully shot film of your wedding day
Online photo gallery
Three cameramen for your wedding day – one photographer, one cameraman, and an assistant.

To be in with a chance of winning you need to comment on this post (see the comment link at the bottom of the post), and tell me the following:

Your name,
email address,
(please make sure you get this right so I can contact you!)
where you’re from,
where you’re getting married,
when you’re getting married,
anything else you want to tell me!

By entering this competition you are automatically eligible for a 20% discount on my prices (before other discounts).
The closing date for this competition is March 31.
If outside of the UK you have to pay travel costs.
Dates subject to availability.
The winner will be decided by drawing a name from a hat – I will post a video of this at the beginning of April.

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