Pre-wedding scout of Royal Vic, Llanberis, Bangor Registry Office, & Anglesey Arms

North Wales Wedding Photography

On Saturday I’m filming Ceri and Lee’s wedding at the Royal Vic in Llanberis, so today I went to look round.

There is plenty of space in the room where the service will take place, and lots of light sources that mix fairly neutrally together.

There are even areas either side of where Ceri and Lee will be standing where cameras can go, so all good really.

The room where the Wedding Breakfast will take place is large and light, so also great for filming.

North Wales Wedding Photography

North Wales Wedding Photography

On Friday I’m photographing Kate and Gary’s wedding at Bangor registry office and the Anglesey Arms in Menai Bridge.

The registry office has windows with blinds so they should be nicely lit. There’s not a lot of room in there, so we’ll get some close ups using the portrait lens, and some wide shots with the wide angle(not with the fisheye I happened to have on my camera today!)

North Wales Wedding Photography

There is room on the lawn outside for group shots, and even a wall for elevation for the shot of everyone.

The Anglesey Arms has a refurb this year and is very nice.

The room where the Wedding Breakfast, speeches and dance takes places is large, but the top table is back-lit, so will have to use flash.

North Wales Wedding Photography

The bridal suit is large enough for some shots if the weather’s as poor as it was today, and there are some nice sofas etc in there.

The stairs are also an option for some shots of the bride.

If the weather’s good there are lots of options for photos of the couple down near the Menai Strait – will check that out tomorrow (it was bucketing it down today).

Excited for the weekend!