Fun family pre wedding photo shoot

Sometimes I’ve got to give people a fair bit of direction when I’m taking their photo.

Other times, people are naturally confident and relaxed, and perhaps a bit silly.

It was a lot of fun meeting up with Laura, Dafydd and their kids for this pre-wedding shoot.

If it was anything to go by, their wedding at the Vic in Llanberis on Saturday will be a blast!

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…swinging back into wedding season

Met up with two really nice couples at the weekend, who had some great ideas for wedding photography and wedding film respectively.

And this weekend I’m meeting up with Andrew & Laura for a pre-wedding shoot at the Great Orme – can’t wait!

Sometimes people ask me if I do photography / video full time… I do, but not always weddings. In fact, today I’ve mostly been photographing Thomas Telford’s chair.

And lots of other furniture at the museum in Bangor.

It’s a very different skill to wedding photography, but I find doing different things helps contribute to me becoming better generally photographically. Shame I can’t write proper sentences anymore though.

Pre-Wedding photo scout at St Bridget’s Church, Dyserth, and Deganwy Quay Hotel, Conwy

I visited St Bridget’s Church in Dyserth and the Deganwy Quay Hotel a while back in preparation for Laura and Andrew’s wedding next May.

It is a beautiful little church, with a large stained glass window. This will make a good backdrop for when they are receiving their blessing.

Photographs aren’t allowed during the actual service and on the day I visited the church was quite dark.

For the photograph of Laura walking down the aisle I may see if I can take a couple of shots with my flash. Alternatively, I can use my fastest lens (lets most light in), a high iso, and some careful focusing on her face.

The kiss and the signing of the register will require a similar approach.

The church door will make a good frame for the couple, but there is not enough room for larger group shots outside the church.

Nearby, there is a well known waterfall and I think this will make a really interesting backdrop to some photographs of Laura and Andrew together.

There is a kind of corridor of rock in the same place and – with some creative use of off-camera flash or fortuitous overhead natural light – this will make a very cool shot of Laura, particularly to show off her dress.

The Deganwy Quay hotel is a great looking venue, with tonnes of opportunities for great photos.

Outside, there is a long water structure, which could act as a lead in line to the couple.

There is a grassy area suitable for the larger group shots, with me on the balcony above.

Inside, where the reception is being held, there are large windows overlooking the Conwy estuary which provide lots of natural light. The ceilings are white.

The piano and the floor in the foyer caught my eye, which will be good for reflections and background respectively.

Ok, think that’s all for now…

Why do I write up notes on these pre-wedding photos scouts?

The main reason is for me to know exactly what I’m doing on clients’ wedding days – I like to be uber-organised and prepared, it makes a massive difference on the wedding day.

Secondly, it gives my clients the opportunity to see exactly what I’ll be doing on their wedding day, which is always a good thing.