Photography at Lucy & Dave’s wedding at St David’s Park, Ewloe (near Chester & Wrexham)

I had a great time at Lucy and David’s wedding at St David’s Park, Ewloe – which isn’t far from Chester and Wrexham.

The weather was superb, really sunny, and everybody was very relaxed, chilling out on the lawn.

As well as being really nice people, Lucy and Dave looked the part and we got some beautiful photographs.

Lucy & Dave, wedding photography, St David's Park, near Wrexham & Chester

Lucy & Dave, wedding photography, St David's Park, near Wrexham & Chester

I’d spotted the reflections in this piano and mirror on a visit before their wedding. I asked Lucy & Dave to act natural and be intimate, (something they were very good at! 🙂 ) and we got some lovely shots.

Lucy, wedding photography, St David's Park, near Wrexham & Chester

Lucy, wedding photography, St David's Park, near Wrexham & Chester

In this shot Lucy was stood by the door (a light source) and I simply asked her to hold her flowers up.

Wedding group shot, St David's Park, Ewloe, near Wrexham & Chester

Wedding group shot, St David's Park, Ewloe, near Wrexham & Chester

Haha – I love this photo!

I’d already bagged a couple of group shots with everyone looking at the camera so I asked the guests to give some loving to the person closest to them – yes, I am  that cheesy! – and now the more I look at this photo the more it makes me smile.

The day was made easier thanks to the help from Jonathon, and old school friend who’s pretty nifty with a camera. Although he could be a ‘tog his heart is set on becoming a pilot and you can see his website here .

I’ll be putting the rest of the photos up in a password protected online gallery in the next couple of weeks.

You can see how I scouted for photos at St David’s Park here.

Tom Simone photography books and wedding albums

Here’s a book of my photography that I self-published using

This book is basically a mish mash of stuff I’ve done over the last few years which I ordered because I wanted to assess the quality of what Blurb offers.

I’ve now ordered a few different books through this company, including wedding albums.

Although it’s not cheap to order a hard-back book on premium quality paper from Blurb, it is still massively cheaper than ordering from companies specialising in wedding photography books.

They are also cheaper to produce than traditional albums, where you have to factor in the cost of ordering the prints.

I think the quality of them is actually very good, but they perhaps lack a little of the finesse of photobooks from somewhere like

You’re able to lay the Kiss books flat too, which means an image across two pages doens’t have a big fold in it, and this is a really nice feature.

However, there is a huge difference in cost, and I think wedding books from definitely fulfill a certain niche.

For example, if you’re popping round to your friend’s house you probably don’t want to carry a massive wedding album, but a photobook that fits in your handbag might be just the ticket.

I’ve not yet committed to one brand of wedding album or photobook and for the time being I’m very flexible with regards the type of album I offer.

Time will tell which kind of wedding albums prove the most popular, and in the meantime, if you have any thoughts of the type of albums you like, please feel free to comment.

North Wales wedding photographer & film maker Tom Simone – a bit about me!

Hello  – Welcome to my wedding film and photography blog!

In this post I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. The rest of the blog will be my take on wedding photography and film, with examples of my work and probably some miscellaneous ramblings.

So, here goes – I live in Bethesda, North Wales, with my wife Caroline and three boys, Jac, Raffi, and Leo.

Tom Simone & family

In 2009 I left my job in the media to embark on a career as a wedding photographer and film maker, which has been a really exciting move and I’ve been loving every minute of it.

I haven’t got any formal qualifications in photography, but then none of the best photographers do 😉 and I think my CV makes up for it.

I was introduced to the role of being a cameraman during work experience on BBC’s Saturday Morning Kitchen (I still remember the chef’s fishcakes – absolutely divine!), and got the photography bug when I started getting articles and photos published in national magazines a few years back.

I’ve worked for the two rival newspaper companies in North Wales, North Wales Newspapers and Trinity Mirror, and did reporting, web, photography and video work for both.

At the Daily Post I was in charge of video content across the North Wales sites and filmed/interviewed the likes of David Cameron, Pink Floyd and even Rolf Harris, amongst many others.

I’ve had two Arts Council of Wales funded exhibitions at the Ucheldre Centre in Holyhead, where I showed photographs and a film as part of the Heglu art project I coordinated with the sculptor Richard Houghton.

We worked with adults with learning difficulties at Tyddyn Mon on Anglesey, we got some amazing feedback from it all and I’ll be making another couple of art films later in the year.

I knew I wanted to set up a wedding photography business when I left the Daily Post because weddings are  the most exciting and fun things I can possibly think of to photograph.What’s more, there probably isn’t any other area of photography where the photographs are more greatly appreciated  – having such a high value placed on my work is an amazing feeling.

I’ve used my experience in the media and the arts to the full when it comes to weddings, and I think it shows in my work.

I now photographed and filmed a whole bunch of weddings and some of the feedback I’ve had has blown me away, before getting into this business I had not fully appreciated the impact my photographs and films would have on the couples I work for, and I now wouldn’t swap this job for anything else in the world.

In addition to wedding film and photography I do commercial work, and I’m in the process of setting up Golau Media, a company which will offer a broader suite of things like photography, promotional videos, websites and PR.

So far I’ve worked for Manchester University, Imperial War Museum, Menter Mon, Ergonomic Cafe, Trefriw Woollen Mill, Tyddyn Mon, kitchen photography for national style mag, Sam Dyer Ecology, and probably some more I can’t think of because it’s getting late.

If you want to know anything else about me, see some of my photos/films or whatever else then please get in touch.

I don’t really go in for the hard sell, but I’m always up for talking about everything weddings, especially if there’s tea and biscuits involved 🙂

my non-wedding photography and film stuff

A few people have said they would like to see some of my non-wedding photography and film stuff.

The best place to look is – this currently has photos from my trip to America and Canada, where I went with Caz and Jac.

My favourite photo from the trip is this one:


I guess it’s a bit arty-farty for some people’s tastes, but I like the way all the people waiting on the platform are boxed up by the pillars. For me it captures the sense of being alone in a crowd.

I’ve got a third blog at, which I’ll be updating soon.

There will be an exhibition at the Ucheldre centre in Holyhead from Jan 5 – Feb 5 2010, with a mix of my work, Richard Houghton’s sculptures and the work we did with adults with learning difficulties at Tyddyn Mon on Anglesey.


This lighthouse was built by Bryn at Tyddyn Mon, and will be used as the main image for promoting the exhibition.

The themes of the project are things on the periphery and of personal narrative, so the lighthouse was the obvious choice to exemplify this.

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