Wedding Photographs from 2019


2019 has been a year of amazing weddings – loved it!

Congratulations to all the couples I’ve met, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here’s a selection of photos from venues across North Wales. If you’d like to see complete weddings of any of these, let me know.

(I’ve not published regularly on here the last couple of years because I get as many bookings as I want without doing so. )

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Fun family pre wedding photo shoot

Sometimes I’ve got to give people a fair bit of direction when I’m taking their photo.

Other times, people are naturally confident and relaxed, and perhaps a bit silly.

It was a lot of fun meeting up with Laura, Dafydd and their kids for this pre-wedding shoot.

If it was anything to go by, their wedding at the Vic in Llanberis on Saturday will be a blast!

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Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge, wedding photographer look around

I visited the Vic Hotel in Menai Bridge yesterday, in preparation for Lesley and Nicola’s wedding in May.

These are my notes on taking photos there on the big day.

(I do this mostly for my own benefit as it helps me think through what I’m going to do.  I post these notes on my blog so you can see how I think/work….)

There are steps leading up to the front of the hotel, which are wide enough for a group shot of up to about 80 people. A step ladder will help me get some elevation and improve the shot.

There is a garden area in the back suitable for group photos of families, as well as bridal and groom’s party.

In the garden there is a faux waterfall (which wasn’t switched on when I visited), which will be lit by a ye olde style lamp. Think this will make a nice photo of the couple at dusk, with some ultra-soft fill light from a softbox from camera left… will practice this beforehand because it’ll be a little tricky to get balanced.

The service takes place in a long, narrow room, with the couple facing a window. Les and Nicola will have enough natural light on them, providing there aren’t storm clouds outside, and I”ll have to make sure they don’t stand too close to the window, otherwise I won’t be able to stand far enough away.

The reception room was quite dark when I visited, partly because it was a v rainy day. There are windows along one side, so the natural light could be a lot better on the wedding day.

The ceiling is white (so no colour cast), but it is divided by large beams which could interfere with bounced flash. Best solution will be to have a couple of flash guns on stands to light the room.

The  Victoria Hotel is close to the Menai Strait, and it will definitely be worth taking a walk down to the water front to get some photographs there, best with shallow depth of field I think.

There are views of the Menai Strait from the Vic, but there are fences and houses that would spoil the pic. Also noticed an archway which will look nice if it has flowered.Wedding photography at Victoria Hotel, Menai Bridge