North Wales wedding photographer: Look inside our amazing wedding venue

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This is a virtual tour for Google Streetview of Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw, where me and Caz got married in 2009.

As you can see, it’s a stunning venue and I’d highly recommend it to couples looking for something a bit different.

Once you’ve seen the staircase, the view to the sea, and the gallery room where services take place you’ll probably want to get married there too.

Be warned though, they only have a limited number of weddings a year, so you have to book really early!

If you are interested in my 360 virtual tour work, please check out Golau Media, home to my commercial photography.

North Wales Wedding Photographer: How much editing will I do on your wedding photos?

One of the most common questions I get is ‘Can you photoshop…. x,y or z?’

And the answer is yes, most of the time, but that’s not to say I would.

In fact, I do very little retouching unless my client specifically asks for it; I prefer to make people good ‘in camera’.

Everyone has an angle, a side, or features that look better than others, and it’s much easier and preferable to use lighting and camera angles to make you look your best.

Having said that, although I may not do a great deal of retouching, I’ll often do things like change the exposure or colours of a photograph, or even removed unwanted elements from a picture.

The image below gives an example. This sort of thing can take quite a bit of work, but I include it in the price of all my wedding packages.

North Wales Wedding Photographer - Beaufort Park, New Brighton

I liked this location at Beaufort Park because the slope meant we could really show-off Hayley’s dress.

The foliage and tree branch also make for a nice compostion.

My umbrella, the power cables and the fence weren’t so great, so removing them was the first step.

I could have made Hayley climb over the fence so those things wouldn’t be a problem, but I’d already made her do that on the pre-wedding shoot and I didn’t think she’d be too impressed if I asked her to do it again in her wedding dress!

The next thing I did was make Hayley and her dress lighter and the scene a bit darker, to make her stand out more.

Finally, I added blue to the image and removed a bit of green, … looks better, doesn’t it?

Apologies to Hayley for making her stand on a slop in her  wedding shoes x

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