Lots of new wedding gear

I’ve been working hard to put together my company Golau Media, of which weddings will be the main component for the first year at least.

The most fun part of starting a photography and film business is getting lots of new gear.

Here’s what I’ve got so far –

canon 7d

canon 30d

sigma 10-20, 17-70, 70-200

speedlite 580ex and 430exii

canon xha1

rode NT-2 microphone

umbrellas and light stands

I recently received a grant from LLwyddo yng Ngwynedd Mentro Busnes (based in parc Menai, Bangor) to buy a new camera.

I went for the Canon 7d, which was released in September.

It’s quite a beast, and a fairly logical upgrade from the canon 30d I have.

The features that are of most interest to me are:

ISO up to 6400 (the light sensitivity of the sensor), which means I can take photos in dark-ish churches without flash.

18mp – more resolution than I’ll ever need

HD video – can’t wait to try this with my different lenses

It can also take photos at 8 frames per second, which looks really cool but probably won’t be of much use to me.

So far the camera seems very intuitive to use, especially having used the 30d for years.

The canon xha1 is a high end video camera and I’m looking forward to making some awesome wedding videos with it 🙂

I also have a fairly long wish list.

I’m not sure whether to upgrade to some nice prime lenses (no zoom, but sharper picture) or something like the the canon 24-70 2.8.

Edit:  I’m expecting the canon 24-70 2.8 to arrive tomorrow, having been unimpressed by the sigma 17-70.