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North Wales Wedding Photographer: bride & horse photo shoot, Newborough, Anglesey

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride horse

This was a shoot that I’d been wanting to do for a long time, so a big thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride hors

The bonnie bride is a friend of mine called Bev, whose wedding I photographed last summer.

More often than not brides hang up their dresses in their wardrobe and forget about them. How much more fun is it to get all dressed up again and relive some of the memories of your wedding day!

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride horsNorth Wales Wedding Photographer bride hors

Sam Bryan was hair, make up, and stylist for this shoot (kept it much more simple than last time).  Great job!

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride hors

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride hors

The horses – Pearl & Toby – belong to Elen, whose only 16 but massively talented with everything equine. Could not done this without her help and know-how.

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride hors

Also big thank you to Kate and Cen, who helped with organisation and transport.

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride hors

And, thanks again to Lyndon Marshall for video, which have not edited yet. … (note to self… got to get better at getting these videos done!)

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride hors

North Wales Wedding Photographer bride hors

Tom Simone North Wales Portrait Photography

I’ve photographed many things – everything from a hotel tap to David Cameron – but I’ve not done a lot of straight out portrait photography.

However, this last month I did a couple of different portrait shoots and really enjoyed it, so it’ll definitely be something I’ll do more of in the future.

Of course, it’ll be somewhat easier once I get a studio set-up – the number one thing on my list of new-year resolutions – but in the meantime shoots on location are the order of the day.

North Wales Portrait Photographer

This shot was taken at Debs’ mum’s house.

North Wales Portrait Photographer.

This shot of Elen and her two brothers was taken at the park in Llanrwst. They gave me some of their granddad’s cider, which was very nice…

Commercial photography

I’ve taken on quite a lot of non-wedding photography work in the last week or so, thanks to my father-in-law and a friend who works in a museum.

The first lot of work is a fairly large project for Menter Môn, who give business advice and support to small to medium sized companies, with money from the Welsh Assembly.

It was my wife’s dad who put me onto this one, which was nice.

The second lot of work is for the Manchester Museum and the Imperial War Museum, which I got through my old school friend Kate Clancy.

I know this post doesn’t have much to do with weddings, but I wanted something to write about to test my new WordPress (the blogging software) plugin.

It’s called Socialite and allows me to publish my blog posts to Facebook and Twitter…

….let’s see if it works.

my non-wedding photography and film stuff

A few people have said they would like to see some of my non-wedding photography and film stuff.

The best place to look is – this currently has photos from my trip to America and Canada, where I went with Caz and Jac.

My favourite photo from the trip is this one:


I guess it’s a bit arty-farty for some people’s tastes, but I like the way all the people waiting on the platform are boxed up by the pillars. For me it captures the sense of being alone in a crowd.

I’ve got a third blog at, which I’ll be updating soon.

There will be an exhibition at the Ucheldre centre in Holyhead from Jan 5 – Feb 5 2010, with a mix of my work, Richard Houghton’s sculptures and the work we did with adults with learning difficulties at Tyddyn Mon on Anglesey.


This lighthouse was built by Bryn at Tyddyn Mon, and will be used as the main image for promoting the exhibition.

The themes of the project are things on the periphery and of personal narrative, so the lighthouse was the obvious choice to exemplify this.